MRP(`) : from 750 to 2,050

This multicoated filter with slim designed aluminum frame is perfectly suitable for general use.

Kenko SMART MC Protector is standard photographic filter designed to protect camera optics from scratches and dust. Best option of good quality and affordable price for those who just starting to shot.



Kenko SMART MC Protector is made of fine processed transparent and colorless glass fixed in aluminum frame. Kenko SMART MC Protector will not affect color balance of the image and will effectively minimize unwanted reflections, transmitting through several layers of anti-reflection  coating as much light as needed for the best shot (achieved light transmittance 98%).

Black aluminum almite frame with knurling surface to prevent slipping is thin enough to make photographer forget about vignetting when use wide and super wide angle lenses. The frame has a outer thread to attache other filters.

Each Kenko SMART MC Protector comes with case that has a special high-technological holographic seal  on the front side. This will serve as a protection from multiple fake products



Front Thread Yes
Frame Material 1.3