The SBH-100DQ BK compact ball head is ultra-light.  A single lever locks and releases the ball allowing for a full range of movement.  As a result, you can lock the camera in position at almost any angle.  The all-metal ball head has a small, low profile quick release plate.  

The 6252 quick release plate is compact enough to be left on the camera at all times. Use the SBH-100DQ BK with lightweight digital SLRs, video cameras and point-and-shoot cameras.


Type of Bubble Level:
Camera mounting screw: U1/4
Tripod mounting screw: U1/4
Base diameter: 37mm
Size of camera platform: 40 x 30mm
Camera Platform: Q.R.S. 6252
Height: 68mm
Weight: 130g
Load capacity: 2kgs