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Ambient Light Readings 

First set the appropriate film type, choose the display mode and memory channel (if present). Set the Mode switch to "AMBI", then simply aim the meter’s light receptor at the scene and press the measurement button. Measurement readings will be calculated and appear in the almost immediately and color temperature measurements will be taken as long as the measurement button is held down. The KCM-3100’s measuring range for ambient light is EV 3 to 16.3 using ISO 100. 

Three Display Modes 

LB (Light Balancing) and CC (Color Compensating) Indexes 
The LB index is used to select the right amber or blue LB filter needed to balance a light source. Its measurement is the mired difference between the photographic color temperature specified for the selected film type and the temperature of the light source. The CC index is the value of the required magenta or green colored CC filter. 


Names of Parts

1. Receptor diffuser 270 degree swivel with buit-in white flat diffuser

2. LCD Data display
3. Power Button
4. Memory Channel (M-CH) Button Press and hold to access and select memory channels using the up/down control
5. M (Memory) Button Press and hold to change Data in memory using the up/down control
6. DISPLAY Button The button changes the display mode in the set following order. ...‘LB/CC indexes ‘ Filter Number/CC index ‘ Photographic color temperature ‘ LB/CC Index…
7. Sync Terminal
8. Measuring Mode Switch Selects Measuring Mode “AMBI” – Ambient Light Measurement “CORD” – Flash Measurement with Sync Cord “NON.C”- Flash Measurement without Sync Cord
9. Measuring Button
10. Up/Down Control Changes shutter speed in “CORD” and “NON.C” modes. Changes memory channel with used Memory Channel button. Changes data in Memory when used with memory button.
11. Flash Range Switch Sets range for flash measurements Lo: f/2.8 to f/22 Hi: f/22 (approx.) to f/180
12. Film-type Switch Selects film type D: Daylight film balanced for 5500K B: Type B tungsten film balanced for 3200K A: Type A tungsten film balanced for 3400K
13. Filter Tables
14. Battery chamber cover The KCM-3100 uses 2 AA sized Alkaline or carbon zinc batteries


Receptors Incident- Flat Diffuser, Rotating Receptor Head 90º Right/ 180º Left
Type Three-color Hand-held Digital Color Meter For Color Photography Determines Photographic Color Temperature Of Light Sources And Filtration Required
Reception Method Incident-light Reading
4961607037966 Smart Filter Kit Size - 37mm, Gross Weight, G - 98.8