7×20FMC HG

7×20FMC HG

A wide angle pair of binoculars with 7x magnification power, hand trembling reduction design and Bak4 type prism for a full view without any light reduction.

Both the lenses and prisms’ surfaces are fully coated with a full multi-layered coating. The Bak4 type prism assures a full visual field without any light reduction. Particularly recommended for concerts, live shows and events.


JAN Code:4961607113158

BAK4 type prism
Binoculars equipped with BaK4 type prism can provide high reflectivity strength, for a brighter and clear image. This is because the higher refractive index rate and the circular shape of the exit pupil assure that more light will be transmitted to the entire field of view. Practically speaking, it means brighter and shaper edges of the field of view, as well as color-reach views.

Ergonomic design
Kenko HG models have been designed to have a solid body in an ergonomic, comfortable shape and a friendly, stylish design to assure you a steady, anti handshaking grip with a charming look.

Full multi-coating
To minimize light loss that may negatively affect your view, and to raise reflectivity at the same time, it is necessary to provide binoculars’ lenses and prisms with good coatings. For these reasons, Kenko HG binoculars feature a full multi-coating applied to all of the lenses and prisms surfaces, as well as to glass-to-air surfaces, to greatly reduce light loss, thus assuring maximum light transmittance and brightness.

Strap hole
Kenko HG binoculars’ design provides for a strap hole on both sides of the binoculars body. Such a small and yet useful detail will make it possible to comfortably bring these binoculars with you everywhere by simply attaching to them the strap included or your favorite neck strap.


Magnification 7x
Effective Diameter Of The Objective Lens 20mm
Coating Full Multi-coating
Field Of View (FOV) 8.2°
Field Of View At 1000m 144m
Exit Pupil Diameter 2.9mm
Brightness 8.4
Eye Relief 14.5mm
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.5m
Weight 261g
Size 48×81×111m
Color Black
Accessories Case, Strap