10X20 MC

10X20 MC

A pair of binoculars with 10x magnification power in a lightweight compact body that can be conveniently brought with you in a wide range of situations.
Its stylish design in a 6 different bright color variation makes this pair of binoculars of particular appeal on the youngest users.


Particularly suitable for concerts and events.

JAN Code

  Rouge red                          4961607113073

  Strawberry pink               4961607113080

  Dandy Yellow                   4961607113097

 Cobalt Blue                        4961607113103

 Leaf green                         4961607113110

 Royal purple                      4961607113127

Porro prism
Named after the Italian optician who patented this system, porro prism binoculars make use of a double prism Z-shaped configuration to show the image.

By separating the two lenses, the binoculars’ size is increased but, on the other side, porro binoculars have the additional advantage of folding the optical path so that the physical length of the binoculars is less than the focal length of the object. Simply speaking, it gives a better depth perception.

Glass-to-air lenses surfaces are multi-coated to reduce light loss and achieve a higher light transmittance.

Colorful and appealing design
Available in 6 different colors and a modern design, these beginner-friendly binoculars have a further appeal on young users, also offering a very smart choice for children education.


Magnification 10x
Effective Diameter Of The Objective Lens 20mm
Coating Multi-coating
Field Of View (FOV) 6.5°
Field Of View At 1000m 113.6m
Exit Pupil Diameter 2.0mm
Brightness 4
Eye Relief 7mm
Minimum Focusing Distance 5m
Weight 145g
Size 80×46×114m
Accessories Case, Strap